Vertical Lift Equipment

newly built vertical liftVertical lift equipment is essential for the safe and effective transport of products and materials from one elevation to another. We are experienced in the installation and modification of these systems.

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors: VRCs are similar to elevators but have a distinct purpose, moving product only. People are not allowed to ride VRCs. This makes them a much less expensive alternative to freight lifts since they can be designed more simply. A VRC can be integrated into an automated conveyor system or loaded manually.
  • Lift Tables: For loading docks, assembly lines and work stations, we can install lift tables in your facility, either on top of the floor or in a pit below so the lift’s table top is at floor level.

As a licensed Minnesota elevator installer, in addition to VRCs, we can install manned or unmanned material lifts, along with platform lifts and stair lifts for mobility impaired individuals.