About Us

About-Us_optBucky Builders LLC is a privately-owned company operating out of Chippewa Falls, WI, specializing in moving, modifying and installing material handling equipment in commercial and industrial locations primarily throughout the North Central United States.

Bucky Builders began as a business in 2005, but the experience and background has long been established. Growing up watching his father sell material handling equipment, and later spending 27 years selling the products himself, founder Mike Wheeler developed key principles on how he would like a company to operate.

Bucky Builders and its Dock and Storage Installers Division work closely with industry-leading suppliers. We have placed great emphasis on the value of maintaining these close relationships, therefore we do not sell equipment – our main function is assisting in product installation. If you have any sales needs, we would be happy to refer you to a potential dealer that can better assist you!

In a time when companies are narrowing their focus to limited specialties, we are meeting our customer’s needs through unique diversification.

The following factors set us apart:

  • Our installations are primarily mechanical.
  • We have our own concrete crew to complete footings and trench construction for our installations.
  • Our electricians can assist in hooking up electrical equipment.
  • Our construction division can do light building modifications to assist with installs.
  • We minimize the need to deal with a multitude of contractors.

Our Goal is to complete installations in a timely-manner while minimizing the impact on the customer’s business operations.