Industries That Benefit from Paint Booth Installation in Wisconsin

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Early in your manufacturing or repair business, you may have set aside painting in a separate area or garage. Perhaps you made some effort to contain fumes or paint splatter, but you never had complete control. Items received painting or staining, but the result also included a mess on your factor floor. Paint booth installation in Wisconsin enhances options and keeps workplaces cleaner and safer. You may be surprised by who can benefit from a paint booth. Here are five industries that use them:

  • Automotive: This is likely the busiest industry when it comes to paint booths. There are few car-related businesses you see operating without one. Body shops, car dealerships, NASCAR development or repair shops, and bus and truck painting all need paint booths. Sometimes, the booth is fully automated to help cover a large area on a vehicle quickly. That is especially true with buses and trucks, since human labor would never paint them efficiently. When work involves fine details like pinstripes or advertising wraps, the paint booth is less automated and designed for ventilation so exposure to fumes is reduced. Paint booths are the perfect places to place the finishing touches on cars, trucks and buses. They revolutionized the auto industry.
  • Manufacturing: Painting is also a big part of manufacturing consumer and industrial items. One area, textiles, is an unexpected beneficiary of paint booths. While fabric painting is required in some industries, the most common use of paint booths for textiles is in curing stations. The enclosed nature of the paint booth and its ability to control fires and air flow make them optimal for this application. This was once a very dangerous step that is now innocuous thanks to automation.
  • Marine: Like cars, boats get painted. However, they also require surface treatments that protect the aluminum or fiberglass. As with textiles, using paint booths for curing is common in the marine industry. Once that process is complete, a boat can stay in there for painting and custom work like hull names.
  • Woodworking: Many woodworking efforts use water-based paints or stains, but that does not mean businesses want the over-spray spread throughout the shop. The paint booth provides a well-ventilated area to paint and stain wood, but also contains the mess. They are also excellent spaces for curing and facilitating drying.
  • Education and fine arts: The advantages of paint booths are well known in university systems. As enrollment expands and space does not necessarily expand with it, schools must find the best ways to use space. Paint booths provide an enclosed and private space where student artists are focused and never worry about cleaning up paint, clay or other splatter from their medium of choice. These booths are especially handy for students creating larger pieces that are difficult to color or treat.

If your business paints or treats the surfaces of your products, it is likely that you will also enjoy the benefits offered by a paint booth. For low cost, high quality paint booth installation in Wisconsin, contact Bucky Builders LLC today.

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