Mezzanine Installation in Wisconsin and Other Modifications for 2017

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Individuals make New Year’s resolutions, and businesses set expansion goals. It is likely that you have big plans for 2017, but are not sure what will help you pull them off. Updating or expanding your work site is a good place to start. If you are considering mezzanine installation in Wisconsin, or any other modifications for your manufacturing outfit or warehouse, this would be a good time to start the planning process. Here are five ideas for your premises:

  • Upgraded material handling equipment: Vertical conveyor systems, lift tables and other types of conveyors will streamline your material handling. Hoist and crane operations are essential when you move heavy items through several stories. These belt systems will move material quicker than a worker with a hand truck, and make manufacturing and loading much easier. Our factory-trained personnel can help you determine your material handling needs and what devices to install. We can help you design and execute an efficient work place.
  • Mezzanines: If your building has high ceilings but only one story, space becomes premium. As you expand, you may not want to move out of your premises, but are uncertain of how you will manage production in the future. The mezzanine is your solution! Set up a platform and your floor space doubles. Your new space creates area for pallet racks or can accommodate new offices and fabrication areas. One option includes modular mezzanines, which install quickly and offer durability with roll-form or structural steel.
  • Pallet racks: You always require storage, and your solution is pallet and warehouse racks. Selective racking is the most common option since it is easily customized and can be accessed easily by forklifts. If your space is limited, push back racks work great for long term storage and they easily stay out of the way. Flow racks contain roll systems for material handling, and cantilever racks display your materials. Best of all, if any of these require repair, you can call us.
  • Paint booths: It may be time to confine your painting chores to a paint booth. This will control fumes and mess so your workplace is safer and cleaner. We can design small niche booths or create a fully-automated one that enhances your efficiency. Installation includes everything—electric work, ventilation and automation. We also assure that your paint booth falls within applicable safety regulations.
  • Office expansion: Your fabrication space may be extensive, but there is no room for administrative work. Those tasks are also essential to your operation, and you need to give workers a place to be efficient. The same modular approach we use in mezzanines can also produce office spaces that keep administrative staff separate from noise, chemical fumes or other distracting elements of manufacturing. We can include curtain walls and other precautions to control dust and allow for better temperature control.

If you are looking at expanding your site through mezzanine installation in Wisconsin or through other building modifications, please contact Bucky Builders LLC. We look forward to improving your manufacturing efforts and workplace layouts in 2017.

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