Best Practices for Effective Pallet Rack Repair in Wisconsin

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You rely on your pallet and warehouse racking to hold product and materials. If they fail, you risk not only losing those items, but also causing workplace injury, which affects your insurance premiums. That is why, when you seek pallet rack repair in Wisconsin, you must be careful whom you hire and take reasonable steps to assure any work performed on your racks meets quality standards. Here are four best practices for assuring the stability of your pallet racks:

  • Hire a reputable distributor: You need a contractor and distributor with experience in material handling construction. This is not an ordinary job that can be handed off to just any installer. Taking that risk can leave your pallet racks unreliable after installation or repair. Preferably, you want to hire someone with OSHA Alliance in place. This distributor should be able to find a configuration and design that meets safety requirements and your warehouse needs. They should also be available if you need to replace your pallet racks or repair them.
  • Know your uprights: Your uprights face scrutiny under OSHA. While regulations do not mention pallet racks specifically, your uprights and beams are still subject to general safety standards. Uprights must be properly anchored into the concrete floor according to industry standards and be equipped with a safety lock. No matter your type of fastener (nut and bolt or integral), the safety lock should prevent accidental dislodgement of the beams. Hire a contractor who knows to label the beams and uprights properly, including any weight limits. When you adjust your beams, your contractor should also know how to assure they remain in compliance.
  • Stabilize your loads: Standardized wire decks are not designed for point loading or concentrated loading. If this is your current system and you need to change it, make sure your distributor knows the difference and offers solutions for your industrial applications. Your system must make it possible to move loads onto quality pallets, stretch wrap the loose product and use the wire decking to prevent falling materials. Wire decking remaining in use should hold loads firmly on the surface area.
  • Keep workers off: Schedule inspections, routine maintenance and training as part of your safety program. Part of this training should include warnings against climbing the pallet racking, as well as housekeeping tips to keep it secure. Design a checklist that requires inspectors to look out for damaged uprights, beams and wire decks. If you find any of these issues, call your contractor or distributor immediately to arrange for repairs. Never try to make repairs on your own or improvise a repair for the short term. That risks voiding the warranty and opens your company up to liability if any failures occur. That is why it is important that you find a good contractor and distributor for your pallet racks.┬áManaging them is not a task you can do on your own.

If you require pallet rack repair in Wisconsin, we are here to help you. Bucky Builders LLC offers all types of material handling repair and maintenance services to keep your manufacturing outfit or warehouse running smoothly. Call us today for assistance.

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